Adult Sex Toys For Single Ladies

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Adult Sex Toys For Single Ladies


Hey there, single ladies! I know you don’t need anyone else to make you happy, and I applaud you for that. However, you still have sexual desires. After all, you may be super women, but you’re still human. In order to fulfill these sexual desires without all the drama that comes with a relationship or the scares that come with one night stands, you should consider buying a Adult Sex Toys.

Of course, every woman is different, so finding the perfect sex toy for your unique needs may seem like a daunting task. But fear not, you fierce females, I have picked 5 favorite sex toys for you!

1. A Sex Toy For Single Ladies Who Travel

If you travel a lot, whether for business or for pleasure, your buzzing travel companion should be quiet, discreet, but oh-so-powerful. I highly recommend the Crave Duet or Crave Solo for all you globe trotting women.

These amazing little vibes are insanely quiet – so you don’t have to worry about nosey hotel neighbors hearing your business. They are also USB rechargeable, and the USB end actually looks like a jump drive. You can charge Crave vibes on the go without embarrassment. Speaking of charging, the Crave vibrators tell you how charged they are when you turn them on! No more mid-orgasm power failures. Finally, the Crave Duet and Solo are waterproof up to 100 ft. That makes those beautiful hotel bathtubs looks that much more appealing, don’t you think?

2. A Sex Toy For Simplistic Single Ladies

Are you a less-is-more kind of girl? The Midori, made by Tenga, may be exactly what you need. This shapely, sweet sex toy simply gets the job done.

The Midori is part of Tenga’s Iroha line, the only products they make for women. All the vibes in this line have simple two-button controls, which make for simple use. The Midori’s soft exterior is gentle on your most sensitive area, but does not sacrifice power. It is water-resistant, making it easy to clean. Overall, this sex toy is everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

3. A Sex Toy for the Girl Who Has Everything

So, you have a clitoral vibe, a g-spot stimulator and a rabbit, but you’re looking for a new kind of sensation. What’s a girl to do? How about a vibrator that rotates inside you?

This is the LELO IDA. (Of course, no list of mine would be complete without a LELO.) This is designed and marketed as a couples toy, so you probably never thought of it as something that single ladies could love. But let me tell you, using this thing solo is amazing!

The long end is inserted inside the vagina and it rotates while it vibrates! The flat end rests on the clitoris and vibrates as well. The combination of rotations and vibrations will excite your senses in a completely new way. To make this beauty even more tantalizing, the IDA is water proof, made of premium silicone, and comes with LELO’s famous 10-year warranty.

4. A Sex Toy for the G-Spot Enthusiast

Let’s face it, your lousy ex probably didn’t even find the g-spot anyway, right? If you’re a single lady looking for a sex toy to stimulate your special spot in a whole new way, look no further than the Sensuelle Pearl.

Sure, the Pearl vibrates like most g-spot massagers, but it has a secret weapon. In the flat end of the tip is a little ball that moves up and down right over the g-spot. Helllooooo happiness!

5. A Sex Toy for Strong Women

Just because you aren’t getting any doesn’t mean you can forget about keeping your pelvic floor in shape! While some people do not consider them sex toys, Kegel exercisers can be an awesome addition to any woman’s love life.

Strengthening your pelvic floor through Kegel exercises not only provides many health benefits, but also helps you achieve better orgasms. In other words, using your Kegel beads daily can increase the effectiveness of your other sex toys. Consider it like an upgrade!

I recommend the LELO LUNA Beads, which have internal balls that vibrate slightly when used properly. This subtle vibration is a great way to have a little self-foreplay before having a sex toy session.

Now I turn the question to you, my fiercely single friends! What are your favorite sex toys and why? Tell us in the comments below!

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