2 Sex Toys Every Woman Should

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2 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Have


Owning (and using) a vibrator is a smart move for women today. It helps relieve stress, can improve your love life with your partner, has numerous health benefits, and is just plain fun! It seems like many women have already experienced how awesome a vibrator can be. In fact, more than half of women in the United States have used a vibrator.

 If you are looking to join the scores of women who have used vibrators, you may be wondering where to start. With so many different types, it can be hard to determine what is worth the investment and what should be passed up. Fear not, my fierce friends, I have some awesome suggestions. Without further adieu, here are the 2 vibrators all women should own, and why they are awesome!

LELO Tiani 2:

If you aren’t familiar with the Tiani 2, you’re probably looking at this picture and wondering where all the parts go. Well, this is a remote controlled couples’ massager!

The round piece on the left is the SenseMotion™ remote control, which changes the Tiani 2’s vibration speed just by tilting it one way or the other. Think of it like a Wii-mote for your vibrator. It also has simply-to-use buttons on the remote to change the vibration patterns.

The vibrator is the u-shaped piece on the right of this picture. When used by heterosexual couples, the larger arm vibrates on the clitoris while the thinner arm is inserted inside the vagina, alongside the penis. That’s where the “couples’” in “couples’ massager” comes in. Sounds too good to be true, but luckily it’s oh-so-very real!

Why every woman should have a LELO Tiani 2:

  • Sure, it’s marketed to couples, but this thing is pretty awesome when used solo.
  • It’s waterproof. Use it in the shower, tub...anywhere you want to!
  • LELO products have a 10 Year Guarantee.
  • The Tiani 2 is rechargeable. *(Trust me, the battery shuffle is no fun.)
  • The powerful remote makes the possibilities endless.


Like a rabbit-style vibrator, the Tiani 2 offers dual-stimulation. However, it can be used with or without a partner. With features like that, what’s not to love?

Jimmyjane Form 2

In every well-rounded collection of vibrators, there is a go-to clitoral stimulator. Versatile, arousing and satisfying, a good clitoral vibe never disappoints. As far as clitoral vibes go, nothing will satisfy your every need quite like the Jimmyjane Form 2 can be found at The Spot Boutique

The “ears” on the Form 2 massage and stimulate each side of the clitoris for thrilling sensations. Each “ear” has its own motor, so you get twice the power and double the pleasure.

The simple, three button control panel is on the front of the Jimmyjane Form 2, and allows you to easily cycle through the five power levels and four vibration patterns. This rechargeable, award-winning vibe is a must have!

Why every woman should have a Jimmyjane Form 2:

It can be used solo or for extra stimulation during sex with a partner.
The only thing that can make bubble baths even better is this waterproof vibe.
With its simple locking system, the Form 2 is ready to travel with you.
More than just a clit vibe, the Form 2 stimulates lots of external vaginal nerve endings.
You can keep it on its charging dock, so it’s ready to go when you are.

Whether you are a sex toy newbie, or a pleasure object connoisseur, these are two vibrators your collection isn’t complete without!

Adult sex toys in Plano, Texas can be found at The Spot Boutique. We carry each of the vibrators mentioned in this blog, and can help you find everything you need for your sexual wellness needs.

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