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When Tenga launched its line of male masturbators in 2005, the company set out to wipe away the taboo surrounding male masturbation. Since the beginning, Tenga has operated under the idea that sexual wellness should be a mainstream conversation, and that masturbation should be part of that discussion. They challenge men to talk about masturbation and sexuality in a serious, productive manner.

In addition to encouraging open and honest discussion, Tenga actively spreads accurate knowledge and information about sexual wellness in every way they can. Like any good sex-positive company, they believe that knowledge empowers the individual to have a satisfying sex life.

When Tenga first broke out onto the adult toy scene, they only produced sex toys for men. This line was, and still is, often revered as the best male-focused toy line in the business. Due to the success of the male line and popular demand for a female-focused line of products, Tenga recently launched their Iroha massagers.

Both the original Tenga line and the Iroha are made from soft, body-safe materials and are designed for maximum pleasure. If you are looking for a pair of his and hers pleasure objects, look no further than Tenga.

Best Product: Iroha Yuki

Tenga is world-renowned for their male masturbators, but the female-centric Iroha line is a secret treasure which consists of three soft, discreet vibrators. While each massager in the Tenga Iroha line is feminine, fun and flirty, the Yuki is the line’s most versatile vibrator.

One of the most notable features of the Yuki is the soft, supple material that gives it a refined finish like no other brand on the market. This Soft Touch material makes using this product feel as luxurious and relaxing as a massage, while being as exciting and stimulating as an adult toy can be. As if being uniquely soft wasn’t enough, the material which covers the Iroha toys is water resistant, repels dust, and is completely body safe.

Controlling the Yuki’s vibration speed and pattern is as intuitive as it is simple. Gone are the days of stopping mid-play to figure out how your toy works. With only two-buttons, the controls on this pleasure object allow you to easily find your bliss. The control panel also serves as part of the devices charging mechanism. Simply place your Yuki on its charging dock and snap the buttons into place. Then, your new favorite toy will be ready to go whenever you are.

Perhaps the most alluring part of the Tenga Iroha Yuki is its unique “snowman” shape. The large body of the toy allows for all-over external stimulation, while the smaller tip is semi-insertable for titillating sensations. You may seamlessly switch between clitoral and internal stimulation until you are truly fulfilled. With the Yuki, everyone can get satisfaction.

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The Staff at The Spot Boutique are very knowledgeable about the products.  This Store is so different than any others I have been too.  I will definitely come back!!!.

~ Maria Castillo


By far the best adult store I have been to in Dallas. I love everything they have to offer, specially the cute and classy outfits. The staff was super friendly and helpful too. I was able to find a toy that I had been looking for everywhere. Needless to say my boyfriend is a big fan too! Checking this store out is a must!

~ Skinny nini


The Spot is amazing. I stopped in to purchase my first, well, relationship enhancement device today. The woman who helped me, Kat, was AMAZING! She was very knowledgeable, and I liked how this store seemed like a more high class experience than the one time I went into a condom sense with my friends when I turned 18. It is very clean, very high quality, and the sales people have a lot of knowledge of their products. I LOVE this place and I plan on returning!

~ Michelle Minukhin

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