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LELO - Tiani 2 Plano The Spot Boutique

LELO is world renowned for elevating the adult industry by offering innovative, luxurious and design-conscious pleasure objects. Since its founding in 2003, LELO has aimed to change the way personal massagers are perceived by making pleasure objects that look alluring, feel pleasurable, and function with excellence.

When it first began, LELO was just a small group of designers and engineers using their own homes to store their luxury pleasure objects, while they made the world take notice of their brand. Now, this award-winning brand has offices around the world, from Sweden to California, and from China to New York, making it a truly global brand.

LELO has a complete line of pleasure objects for women, men and couples. The products include beautifully designed g-spot massagers, a vibrating gentleman's ring, powerful wand massagers, beneficial Kegel exercisers, and objects intended for couples to use while making love. Each LELO product is made with 100% body-safe, premium materials and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Best Product: Tiani 2

The LELO Tiani 2 is a couples’ massager that comes with a SenseMotion™ wireless remote. This product is the upgraded version of the Red Dot design award-winning Tiani. The Tiani 2 is 50% more powerful than its predecessor and has 3x the range on the wireless remote.

Worn by couples while they make love, the Tiani 2 offers couples a way to enhance their love life by stimulating both partners simultaneously. For heterosexual couples, the smaller “arm” of the massager is rests inside the woman alongside the man, while the larger “arm” stimulates the clitoris. Worn this way, the Tiani 2 provides both partners with thrilling vibrations and a feeling of fullness.

The SenseMotion™ remote lets the user control the massager effortlessly; simply twist the remote one way to slow vibrations, and the other way to speed things up. Users may also use the buttons on the remote to change vibration patterns and speed.

The Tiani 2 and its remote are completely waterproof, which gives users more options when enjoying it and makes the pleasure object easier to clean. This couples’ massager is made from flexible, soft and body-safe silicone, which allows for stable positioning and safe use. The Tiani 2 is perfect for couples looking for a safe, fun and satisfying way to spice up their bedroom.

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The Staff at The Spot Boutique are very knowledgeable about the products.  This Store is so different than any others I have been too.  I will definitely come back!!!.

~ Maria Castillo


By far the best adult store I have been to in Dallas. I love everything they have to offer, specially the cute and classy outfits. The staff was super friendly and helpful too. I was able to find a toy that I had been looking for everywhere. Needless to say my boyfriend is a big fan too! Checking this store out is a must!

~ Skinny nini


The Spot is amazing. I stopped in to purchase my first, well, relationship enhancement device today. The woman who helped me, Kat, was AMAZING! She was very knowledgeable, and I liked how this store seemed like a more high class experience than the one time I went into a condom sense with my friends when I turned 18. It is very clean, very high quality, and the sales people have a lot of knowledge of their products. I LOVE this place and I plan on returning!

~ Michelle Minukhin

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