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S&M XOXO Paddle Review

When I first laid eyes on this paddle, I knew I had to have one. It was too cute, sassy, and spunky to resist. I mean, look at it!

But I did resist getting one for some time. I had never brought a spanker into the bedroom and the thought was as intimidating as it was tantalizing.

Eventually, however, curiosity got the best of me and I took an XOXO Paddlhome.

It absolutely did not disappoint.

The first thing you should know about this paddle is that it is made by Sex& Mischief, an offshoot of Sportsheets. To me, that means the product isgoing to be fun, not expensive, and actually worth my while. This littlpaddle lived up to that reputation.

It’s called the XOXO Paddle because of it’s distinct pattern. No, thcheeky letters are not just printed on that paddle. They are actuallycarved into it. Perfect for anyone who wants to...make an impression. (Icouldn’t help myself.)

I tried it on my partner first. The first time, I was a tad too gentle tomake a mark or get him feeling much of anything. Maybe I was too shy. But Ieventually settled into my role and got a few good whacks in. My partnerhas particularly sensitive skin, so it left a great marking of an XOXO. Wboth loved that.

Then, it was my turn to face the pain. To be honest, the anticipation wasas much of a turn on as the actual spanking. But the spanking was fun too,much more so than I was expecting. There’s a great blog about why spankingis so thrilling, if you want to read further. [NOTE: link to the blog Iwrote about why spanking is fun for the main site.] Essentially, itactivates the nerves that are buried deep under the butt muscles.

And once those nerves are activated, man do they get things going. Bloodstarts rushing to the entire area. Yes, including the genitals. You guessedit, that means arousal!

It’s not for everyone, but if you are even curious in trying spanking, thXOXO Paddle is a good place to start. It’s just firm enough to really getthings happening, but not so firm as to cause too much pain. Of course,that depends entirely on the person handling the paddle as well.

If you want to check out this paddle or anything else made by Sex &Mischief, head to The Spot Boutique, on the corner of Preston and GeorgBush Turnpike in Plano. They have everything you need to explore yourwilder side. You can also follow The Spot on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more sexy update.

In our culture, there seems to be a never ending stream of myths about sex. Many people hold factually incorrect ideas about sexuality, safe sex, and healthy sexual expression. For example, some people (mostly teens) believe that a woman cannot become pregnant the first time she has sex. Other people believe that being into BDSM means you have a psychological problem. The list goes on and on.

At The Spot Boutique, busting these myths is our duty and our pleasure. Try as we might, there’s one misconception that just will not die. That’s the idea that regularly using a vibrator will cause permanent desensitization and make you never be able to have an orgasm again. I’ve been itching to knock this myth out for two basic reasons: it keeps women from exploring all the wonders a vibrator can provide and, more importantly, it’s flat-out false.

Typically when I hear about this myth women are worried about their clitoris having less and less sensitivity over time. They have been told that the more often they use their vibrator, the less they will be able to enjoy sex later in life. More specifically, they are concerned about permanent nerve damage caused by a vibrator. While I commend these women for being vigilant about their sexual health, the thought that a vibrator could cause lasting nerve damage is downright illogical.

Here is the list of things that can cause nerves in any part of the body to become damaged: severe burns and physical injury the severs the nerve. That’s it. So, unless you vibrator is on fire or attached to a blade, you should be fine. Still not convinced? Consider the fact that there has never been a single study to suggest that prolonged vibrator use causes clitoral damage. Scientists have been studying human sexuality for hundreds of years, and nobody has ever found vibrators to be harmful.

“But my friend says she used a vibrator and now that’s the only way she can orgasm!”

The method you prefer for orgasm can change in a single night, over a period of years, or never at all. Your fluctuating hormone levels, daily stress, and other external factors can change the way your body responds to stimulation. What worked for you during puberty might not be the same after having children, and might change again during menopause.

What someone prefers in this part of their life is not caused by physical, lasting damage that their vibrator has done to their clitoris. However, a woman may prefer a vibrator now that she has experienced it. Think of it like ice cream flavors. You may have loved vanilla your whole life until the day you tried rocky road. If you now prefer the chocolate goodness of rocky road, does it mean that ice cream harmed your nerve endings? Of course not.

“If this idea is so wrong, where did it come from?”

The idea that vibrators cause harm to the clitoris came from a bunch of people who are afraid of female sexuality, vibrators, or both. For a long time now, powerful people have believed that the entire point of women having sex was to please a man. When vibrators became popular, they threatened the idea that sex was only for men’s pleasure. Suddenly, women were becoming sexually fulfilled, and they didn’t even need a man to do so.

So, as often happens, people who were threatened by this progress started spreading nasty rumors and using scare tactics to keep women sexually repressed. Now days, people spread this idea with good intentions. They believe it, and they want to help others. But now you know the real truth, and you can decide for yourself.

As always, we recommend that you educate, liberate, and stimulate yourself. Do real research and find good sources. Talk to a sexual health doctor. Understand why people believe these sexual myths, and free yourself from those binds. Then find what works for you.

If you have any questions about this sex myth, or anything else, let us know. You can contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also swing by our store on Preston Road

Have you ever met someone who is terrified of sex? They shut down when the topic is brought up in casual conversation. They blush at the very mention of the word “vibrator.” They might even spell out S-E-X out loud, instead of just saying, “sex.” (That’s no joke. I really knew someone who did this.)

What if I told you that just 3 basic steps could turn that person into someone who can confidently walk into a sex store and buy a pleasure object? That’s it: 3 basic, yet very huge steps to freedom from sexual repression. No matter your background, comfort level with sex, or ultimate goals, these three steps will help you begin a sexually fulfilling life.

1. Educate Yourself

Fear is at the base of most sexual repression. Whether it’s fear of judgement, the unknown, or something else, people who do not live sexually fulfilled lives are typically afraid. This fear comes from a society that wraps a veil around sexuality and refuses to have a public discussion about anything related to sex. We sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist. So, naturally, the best way to combat the fear is to lift the veil and arm yourself with knowledge.

In the age of the internet, it’s hard to know what sources of information to trust. We are bombarded with sexual messaging all the time, and it can be difficult decipher the good from the bad. The first rule is not to trust
porn, commercials, and television. When sex is represented in these mediums, it is usually a fantasy version of sex; it’s not real sex.

Instead, read blogs from respected, sex-positive bloggers, talk to professionals, and watch educational videos on the subject. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. If you have a question, Google it. Or better yet, call us at The Spot Boutique. (My favorite part of this job is answering your questions.) Once you have taken the mystery out of sex, you will see that it is a normal, necessary, and enjoyable part of human existence. The fear will fall away.

2. Liberate Yourself

As important as education is, it cannot undo years of being told that sex is evil, dirty, and wrong. In order to truly shake that sort of repression, you have to make the decision that you no longer subscribe to those ideals.
Before anyone freaks out, let me say this: liberating yourself does not mean ditching your religion or moral guidance. Instead, it means figuring out how a sexually fulfilled life fits into your beliefs. There are plenty
of people from all religions, creeds, and walks of life who are sexually satisfied.

Dig deep and figure out why you ever thought sex was inherently dirty. Ponder the idea that the people who told you that were not sexually educated. Understand that sex is a fundamental and enjoyable part of life.
Most of all, allow yourself to find pleasure.

You deserve and need pleasure. Yes, you. Orgasms are as important to your overall well-being as exercise, but they are a lot more fun. Give yourself permission to feel something good that is also good for you.

3. Stimulate Yourself

Once you have educated and liberated yourself, there’s only one step left: stimulate! Find what works best for you. This might mean spending some time exploring your body alone. It might mean exploring with your partner. It definitely means trying new things.

Go as far as is comfortable for you. For example, you shouldn’t buy handcuffs if the idea of bondage terrifies you still. But try something, anything until you finally feel sexually satisfied.

Rinse and repeat as needed.

If you have any questions about sexual satisfaction, or anything at all, feel free to contact us. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, give us a call, or stop by the store any time.

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2 Sexy Staycation Must Haves


If you and your significant other are dying to get some romantic alone time, but don’t have the money to get to an exotic beach, you might consider having a “staycation.” The idea of a staycation is to have a relaxing and fun time away from your normal responsibilities, without spending tons of money on transportation. Since the recession hit in 2008, more and more Americans have been discovering the power of a staycation.

The first step in planning a staycation is, obviously, to get the time off of work and away from other responsibilities. If you can’t get away from the office, you can plan for a staycation weekend together. If you have kids, you can send them to spend time with Grandma (or Auntie, Cousins, etc.) for a weekend.

Once you’ve scheduled a time, the fun part begins. Turn up the romance by turning your home into a 5 star hotel, without the sky high costs. Some fresh flowers, breakfast in bed, well-placed candles, and a nice warm bath can all help set the mood for a romantic staycation together.

But what should you have handy when it comes time to get intimate? Some obvious choices would be lingerie, massage oil and condoms, but what if you want to really spice things up?

The first thing I would recommend is a Fascinator Throe, by Liberator.

 Fascinator Throe Adult Sex Toys Plano

The last thing you want to do on your staycation is wash your sheets! That’s where the Fascinator Throe comes in. Lay this soft, plush blanket over any surface you want to get busy on; it will soak up any fluids and protect whatever is underneath it from staining.

This amazing throw is silky satin on one side and plush microfiber on the other, making it reversible and luxurious. In the middle is a moisture barrier that protects your sheets from the throes of passion. With the Fascinator Throe by Liberator, you can truly have a sexy staycation without doing laundry. Save the sheets for sleeping!



The other sexy staycation must have is a powerful vibrator; I suggest the Glace Dancer Massager by NS Novelties.

Ns Novelties Glace Dancer Adult Sex Toys Plano

Just because you’re staying at home for your vacation doesn’t mean you can’t explore. Spark your sense of  adventure by having a simple-yet-powerful vibrator handy. The Glace Dancer Massager is exactly that! NS Novelties’ passion for innovation has lead to the creation of this incredibly powerful, remote-controlled bullet vibrator. With its simple controls and versatile shape, you can let you imagination run wild!


Have you ever had a staycation? What sexy things did you have?

If you are looking for the toys mentioned above, or any other adult sex toys in Plano, Texas, stop by The Spot Boutique. We have everything you need to make your staycation sexy!


Micki Maxwell
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My First Vibe: The Best Sex Toys for Newbies

These days, more and more women are taking control of their sexual satisfaction. Long gone are the days when they female orgasm was a myth! Now, most women understand that our half of the species needs sexual satisfaction just as much as men do. And it’s about time!

Posted by Micki Maxwell The Spot Boutique

2 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Have


Owning (and using) a vibrator is a smart move for women today. It helps relieve stress, can improve your love life with your partner, has numerous health benefits, and is just plain fun! It seems like many women have already experienced how awesome a vibrator can be. In fact, more than half of women in the United States have used a vibrator.

Stay up to date with our blog. Feel free to gives us your comments. This website is dedicated to Adult Sex Toys in Plano by The Spot Boutique Please visit our main website to get more information on other blog posts, and to see the full line of products and services we provide.

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Adult Sex Toys For Single Ladies


Hey there, single ladies! I know you don’t need anyone else to make you happy, and I applaud you for that. However, you still have sexual desires. After all, you may be super women, but you’re still human. In order to fulfill these sexual desires without all the drama that comes with a relationship or the scares that come with one night stands, you should consider buying a Adult Sex Toys.

Of course, every woman is different, so finding the perfect sex toy for your unique needs may seem like a daunting task. But fear not, you fierce females, I have picked 5 favorite sex toys for you!

LELO is world renowned for elevating the adult industry by offering innovative, luxurious and design-conscious pleasure objects. Since its founding in 2003, LELO has aimed to change the way personal massagers are perceived by making pleasure objects that look alluring, feel pleasurable, and function with excellence.

When it first began, LELO was just a small group of designers and engineers using their own homes to store their luxury pleasure objects, while they made the world take notice of their brand. Now, this award-winning brand has offices around the world, from Sweden to California, and from China to New York, making it a truly global brand.

LELO has a complete line of pleasure objects for women, men and couples. The products include beautifully designed g-spot massagers, a vibrating gentleman's ring, powerful wand massagers, beneficial Kegel exercisers, and objects intended for couples to use while making love. Each LELO product is made with 100% body-safe, premium materials and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Best Product: Tiani 2

The LELO Tiani 2 is a couples’ massager that comes with a SenseMotion™ wireless remote. This product is the upgraded version of the Red Dot design award-winning Tiani. The Tiani 2 is 50% more powerful than its predecessor and has 3x the range on the wireless remote.

Worn by couples while they make love, the Tiani 2 offers couples a way to enhance their love life by stimulating both partners simultaneously. For heterosexual couples, the smaller “arm” of the massager is rests inside the woman alongside the man, while the larger “arm” stimulates the clitoris. Worn this way, the Tiani 2 provides both partners with thrilling vibrations and a feeling of fullness.

The SenseMotion™ remote lets the user control the massager effortlessly; simply twist the remote one way to slow vibrations, and the other way to speed things up. Users may also use the buttons on the remote to change vibration patterns and speed.

The Tiani 2 and its remote are completely waterproof, which gives users more options when enjoying it and makes the pleasure object easier to clean. This couples’ massager is made from flexible, soft and body-safe silicone, which allows for stable positioning and safe use. The Tiani 2 is perfect for couples looking for a safe, fun and satisfying way to spice up their bedroom.

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About Jimmyjane, Since it launched in 2004, Jimmyjane has operated under the philosophy that each person’s sexuality is as unique to them as their own fingerprint. This guiding idea is made clear by the functionality of each of their products. Instead of trying to tell consumers what is and isn’t sexy, Jimmyjane simply offers the tools an individual needs to discover and fulfill their unique sexual desires.

Jimmyjane’s pleasure objects encourage personal connections and sexual exploration without sacrificing style, function or safety. The sleek and simple design of these adult toys not only makes them more attractive than many toys on the market, it also allows for peak performance and power. From personal massagers to kegel exercisers, all Jimmyjane products are made with safe, silky and sensual materials.

Jimmyjane is regularly featured in leading magazines around the world, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health, GQ, Esquire, Elle, and many more. This IDEA award-winning brand has also earned a large A-list following, which includes Dita Von Teese, Kate Moss, Teri Hatcher, and Kate Beckinsale. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see how this company caters to both Jimmy and Jane.

Best Product: Form 2

The Jimmyjane Form 2 is an award-winning clitoral massager which proves that sometimes smaller is better. The design, power, and details of this massager all work in perfect harmony to create a vibrator that The San Francisco Chronicle calls “...as imaginative, nuanced and advanced as the iPod.”

The Form 2 has a compact body and two “rabbit ears” which are designed to stimulate each side of the clitoris in sync. The controls on the body are intuitive and simply to use, so users can effortlessly navigate the vibration speeds and patterns. What’s more is that each “ear” has its own motor, giving the user twice the power and many more avenues for achieving sexual bliss.

The Jimmyjane Form 2 is also waterproof, so users can feel free to enjoy it in the bath, hot tub, or anywhere else they can imagine. This amazing little vibe is also rechargeable, and comes with a stylish charging stand. Of course, all of these features would mean nothing if this massager wasn’t safe for use. Luckily, Jimmyjane uses only medical-grade, premium silicone and stainless steel to craft the Form 2, so users never have to sacrifice personal safety for fun.

You can get this product at:

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The Staff at The Spot Boutique are very knowledgeable about the products.  This Store is so different than any others I have been too.  I will definitely come back!!!.

~ Maria Castillo


By far the best adult store I have been to in Dallas. I love everything they have to offer, specially the cute and classy outfits. The staff was super friendly and helpful too. I was able to find a toy that I had been looking for everywhere. Needless to say my boyfriend is a big fan too! Checking this store out is a must!

~ Skinny nini


The Spot is amazing. I stopped in to purchase my first, well, relationship enhancement device today. The woman who helped me, Kat, was AMAZING! She was very knowledgeable, and I liked how this store seemed like a more high class experience than the one time I went into a condom sense with my friends when I turned 18. It is very clean, very high quality, and the sales people have a lot of knowledge of their products. I LOVE this place and I plan on returning!

~ Michelle Minukhin

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